Stanley Kahng
Founder and Director of Sales & Marketing
With a BA in Communication and a Masters of Architecture, Stan's love of beautiful old buildings is one of the reasons he landed in Mérida after living in Colorado. As a designer, Stan has worked to renovate some of the area’s historical homes to their original colonial charm, using his own artistic eye to increase their beauty and open them up to light and air. Stan excels at making good ideas happen, and transforming houses into the well loved homes they were meant to be. And he works to make sure every guest enjoys them as much as he does.
Brent Marsh
Founder and General Manager
A true world traveler, Brent was born New Zealand, and has lived in Australia, England, the United States, and now México. “The world is home,” he says. A computer programmer and chef by trade, Brent knows that success lies in the details—a guiding principle that allows him to offer guests and owners meticulous, hands-on service in every area. Timing, precision and a good deal of IT expertise give Brent the upper hand in keeping Remixto focused both in the present and on the road ahead in the fast-changing vacation rental landscape.
Cinthya Cardenas
Manager of Territory Excellence
Cynthia has worked in hospitality for a number of years, and made her start interviewing people on vacation about their experiences. She knows what people want when they’re on vacation, and she works to ensure that they get it. Originally from Guadalajara, Cynthia has a degree in archaeology and a passion for the rich history of Mérida.
Adrián Coene
Operations Manager
With a Master in Hospitality Management, Adrian has most recently served as Operations Director for a prestigious Design hotel in Tulum as well as key managerial and guest services positions in Mexico City and at the St. Regis Hotel in Aspen, Colorado. As a hospitality specialist, Adrian stands committed to creating incredible experiences by approaching his work with empathy and a keen ability to anticipate the needs of his clients and team. Adrian has lived in 4 countries and believes that in order to establish a true sense of place, you have to immerse yourself completly with the culture that surrounds you.
Naxe Pasos
Senior Sales Representative
Naxe loves to share the cultural and beauty of Mexico - her native country. With a degree in Tourism, she has immersed herself in the tourism industry, working as a tour guide for Carnival Cruise lines, Guest Experience Specialist and most recently, Reservation Sales Agent at Remixto. For Naxe, selling experiences is her mantra. She believes "anyone can book a place, but finding a life-changing experience is what brings the world into your soul."
Ismael Carrillo
Property Manager
Born into a family of Yucatecan wood boat-building craftsmen, Ismael grew up with a passion for the nuance and art of construction. In search of a means to apply his passion to real-life experiences, he studied Architecture in Merida. With an eye on construction administration, Ismael enrolled in a program at the University of Pennsylvania and later landed a summer internship as a construction administrator in New York. Having returned to Merida, Ismael joins the Property Management team at Remixto bringing a keen sense of empathy and maturity to the team.
Orfa García
Property Manager
Born and raised in Mérida, Orfa received her degree in Architecture from UADY. Orfa prides herself on her keen sense of detail and often jokes that her second name is "punctuality". Orfa joins the Property Management team at Remixto bringing with her a keen passion for the history and architecture of Merida's historic center and a strong desire to bring structure and organization to the team.