Yes. Many of our homes are listed on other rental listing sites such as AirBnb, HomeAway and TripAdvisor. If you would rather book our homes through them, that’s no problem. Many of these sites take online payments so this can be a very convenient option.

We accept payment via credit card, PayPal, wire transfer, and check. If opting to pay with PayPal, let us know and we will email you a separate payment request from our PayPal account. Please note, all PayPal payments will incur a 4% service fee.

For stays of less than one month, the full reservation amount is due at the time of booking. For longer stays, first month’s rent is required at the time of booking. Additional monthly rent is required in full on the same day of subsequent months based on the date of check-in.

Provided you book more than seven days before the start of your stay, you can cancel your reservation no questions asked within 24 hours of making it with no penalty. For the full details of our booking and cancellation process, refer to our Accommodation Agreement.

You are responsible for payment of electricity consumed during your stay. The electricity meter will be read at check-in and check-out. This arrangement is typical of most vacation homes in Yucatan, and is usually $4-$8 USD per day depending on the size of the home and season. Air conditioning is expensive in Yucatán, and guests use it in varying amounts. Paying for your own electricity allows you to determine your needs and comfort and helps keep our rental prices lower for you.

Upon check-in, you will be required to sign a renter’s agreement outlining our terms and conditions. Although this contact is mostly the same across all our homes, there are some differences depending on the home and length of stay. An advance copy of this agreement is available upon request.

Some homes are very popular and they can be booked solid. Other times they are owner-occupied or unavailable due to maintenance or renovation. It always pays to contact us to learn more, as we can sometimes juggle things around to make it work for you. We also have additional information on soon-to-be-listed homes that may be similar and suit your needs.

Start out by browsing our homes. Once you have found something that inspires you and fits your needs, click the big pink ‘Book’ button and enter your details to seal the deal. Or, if you prefer, pick up the phone and call us, or send us an inquiry.

You can choose to pay by check, direct deposit, credit card or debit card. And, to give you peace of mind, all bookings made more than seven days before your stay have a 24 hour cancellation period, during which time you can cancel, no questions asked.

You can book at any time for any date. How’s your 2018 looking?

Although most of our guests tend to start booking 2-3 months ahead of their stay, there are times when we are quite busy and people tend to book sooner. January and February are our busiest months in Merida, and summer is busy on the beach. For dates in popular seasons, guests looking for the pick of the bunch start looking 10-12 months in advance.

Absolutely. All our homes are ready to go within a few hours notice, and so if we have availability, we can settle you in on the spot. However, as most of our homes are mostly booked up at least a few weeks in advance, it pays to make a reservation.

Often times, and depending on availability, the answer is yes. If you’re staying for a while, splitting your time between two homes is a great way to spend time in town and on the beach or experience different styles of homes in our collection. Best of all, you’ll still be able to take advantage of our lower rates for longer stays. This arrangement is a little harder to work out online, but we can make it easy by chatting with you about your needs.