Deciding to rent


Yes, renting and selling at the same time is no problem. In fact, renting short term can be a great way to offset the costs of upkeep and cleaning.  Most guests don’t mind a real estate showing during their stay and are generally happy to keep the house tidy when it happens.

We can manage showings, disburse keys to real estate agents and keep everything running smoothly.

A proven track record of rental success is also a great way to increase your home’s value as many potential buyers are considering their vacation rental potential when they buy.

As reservations are taken 3-6 months in advance, there is is the possibility of your home changing ownership where future reservation exists. As many new owners have no plans to occupy their new home immediately, future reservations are often seen as a plus.  On occasion, a rental listing site may assess a fee for a cancelled reservation, however this can typically be avoided by transferring the reservation to alternative accommodation with guest consent.

You are in control from the start as you can set clear house rules about the number of guests are permitted in your home and whether you have any restrictions regarding allowing pets or children.

When making a reservation, there are often a number of back-and-forth correspondence with guests where we assess whether they are a good fit for your home.  That said, many guests book online where extensive pre-screening is not possible.  

Upon or after guest arrival, a Remixto team member attends the home to execute a tenancy contract as well as check that arriving guests are in compliance with any house rules you have set.

It all depends on how attractive it is to guests as well as it’s size, location and amenities. The more you can showcase these things, the more income there is to be made.  

While every home is different, we provide an free in-home rental assessment for you to get an good idea up front.  We assess over 80 aspects of your home, run some numbers and then calculate your suggest rental rates.

We use the same calculator to set rates on our other homes, so we know the numbers we give are competitive. There is no obligation to move forward, and if you don’t, that’s fine with us as we will have enjoyed taking a look around your home.

As Remixto specializes in short term vacation rentals, payment is received up front before check-in, guests sign a spanish language tenancy agreement that protects you from unwelcome guests overstaying.  

Over time, there will be little wear and tear, and the occasional spoon will go walk-about.  We recommend that if you have anything you value, you put it away before guests arrive.  Overall however, we are constantly surprised by how respectful guests are of the homes they stay in.  We collect a fairly large damage deposit upfront, and it is perhaps because guests typically want it back that they are very respectful of your home. It is a rare circumstance indeed where we need to deduct money from a damage deposit.

OK, so this is not such a frequently asked question. However, we do believe guests are good for your home. Like you, your home needs occasional exercise, and that’s what your guest provides. By keeping the water flowing and the house open and breathing, you home is actually better off than if you didn’t rent it out.  

The right type of guest is also important.  With Remixto's focus on shorter stays, your guests spend most of their time exploring the Yucatan and less time at home than a longer-term guest.  As such, shorters stays are great for your pocket, as they mean less wear and tear over time.

At the current time, no.

Things happen. Lights burn out and certain things break down over time. If the guest is not adversely affected by an issue that arises, we are happy complete the repair after the guest checks out and when we have been able to seek your directive on how to proceed.

Sometimes, however, the guest needs the repair ASAP. When this happens, we try to get in touch with you to discuss the details. Our goal is to keep in the good graces of both you and the guests, which is why we work efficiently with either your preferred technicians (or ours when you prefer) to get things back in order quickly.

If all else fails (it happens, but not often), we will work to resettle the guest and work things out amicably between all parties.

We are flexible and can construct a service package to suit any situation. When working with other property managers, we’re flexible about how to coordinate cleanings to ensure properties are ready prior to guest check-in. For rentals longer than one week, we work with you or your property manager to ensure a regular cleaning schedule is maintained.

For the bookings we secure, we manage all guest issues and serve as the sole point of contact for guests. If there are non-emergency issues, we contact your property manager so they can handle them. In emergencies, we manage them personally to ensure they are resolved quickly and efficiently.

In general, we love to promote your home to guests in the most attractive way possible and this typically means no owner pets during guest stays.  That said, let us know what you have in mind and maybe we can work something out.