Rental Promotion


That depends.  For most our our homes, we provide these photos and copy for free as part of our service.  When we do that, we own this work for exclusive use by Remixto.  Sometimes, owners want extra photos or are required to pay for this work up front.  If that is your circumstance, then Remixto still owns the work, but you receive a right of use licence.

Yes.  Do you want one today? We are constantly receiving requests for accommodation, and if your home is available, we can accept the booking and get the guest checked in within 4 hours.

Each of the vacation listing sites on which your home is promoted work differently and charge a different amount of commission ranging between 5 and 20%.  In addition, while some bundle the various fees into a single rate, others list service fees, taxes, processing fees and cleaning costs separately.

Our goal is to work all this out so that, regardless of what commission the sites charge, and how they roll up their rates, you earn the same reservation income (give or take a few dollars) for each booking.

We also try to be transparent and complete in our reporting of the fees and charges assessed by each listing site.  However, as new sites are added, and the vacation industry matures, our reporting can at times be confusing.  If you require clarification, please ask and we are happy to sit with you and clarify how your rates or reservation income is presented.

Being able to list your home on multiple listing sites or "channels" is the key to getting your home booked in the increasing competative vacation rental market and Remixto homes are listed on more channels than any of our competitors.  

We have a dedicated channel management team that works to create accurate and standout rental listings for your home on over 10 channels such as HomeAway, Airbnb,, TripAdvisor and more.  Not every channel is right for every homeowner, but we’ll work with you upfront to figure out the best blend of promotion options for your home. 


In an increasingly competative vacation rental market, being experts in marketing, social media and sales is key.  We have worked hard to assemble the talent required to make this a reality and the results speak for themselves. Simply put, we book you more. Even in low season.

We achieve this with a dedicated staff to reservation sales, social media and website promotion, and marketing channel management.  We see ourselves as a vacation rental company first and are proud of our ability to stay ahead of the game and book your home better than any other company.


Listing on is free for as long as you like and we only take a small commission when we book your home. Once listed, we’ll take care of all the reservation inquires, bookings and payments.

We employ a professional photographer to come and take photos of your home for each your rental listings we maintain for your home. We will work with you in advance to curate your home so that we can make it looks its best. This often doesn’t involve much more than straightening the furniture and storing away a few personal effects. However, if you need more help, that’s no problem.