This arrangement is no problem.  We'll set up up with a reservation calendar where you can enter the guest details for reservaitons you take and see any reservation that we have taken.  Working in this way allows us to easily coordinate our activities and ensure we avoid double bookings.  

You are free to set their own rates and conditions and do not need to advise Remixto of these particulars.  Remixto will simply assume a standard commission as indicated in your service agreement to provide Guest Experience Management based on your listed rates for the nights booked.

For reservations that you accept where you handle the payment details directly with the guest, our Reservation Management commission will not apply.

Despite our best efforts, something things break down or noisy construction on an adjacent property impacts the quality of a guest stay.  In such events, we do on occasion offer to relocate the guest.

This is a great way to resolve tensions and allow the guest to get back to enjoying their stay. In instances of guest relocation, you may be charged for the costs of resettlement including any difference in rent. The upside of this situation is that your home will sometimes be on the receiving end of a guest relocation and this bonus income tend to balance out the loss of income over time.

While you should expect a little everyday wear and tear, damage does occur from time to time. For this, an agreed “Damage Deposit” amount is collected from guests before they arrive or is pre-authorized on a credit card at the time of check-in.  For details about how damage is assessed and collected, please refer to our Damage policy.

Remixto provides hotel-quality linens during each guest stay.  At checkout, we collect and launder them professionally.  The costs associated with rental and laundry are assessed as part of a small rental supply fee on each reservation.

We ask you to provide pillows, blankets and decorative items like cushions and throws so each home retains its own individual flair.  These will be professionally laundered as required.

If you have your own linens, they will be reserved for your exclusive use so they don’t become lost or worn through guest use. While you’re away, your linens will be safely stored in your home and then laid out again upon your return.

A reservation calendar exists for each of the homes Remixto manages on your behalf. You can see what booking you have, block time for yourself and even add reservations directly for any bookings you make. Simply follow the Owner Login on our website and log into your owner portal.  If you don’t see your calendar immediately, it is accessible from the “Reservations” icon.

Our commission depends on what services you want us to provide to you. We are very flexible in our owner services, and can either slot with your existing processes or take care of everything on your behalf.  Get in touch with us to discuss how we can help you.

It can be us, or you if you prefer.

As we know in advance when guests are arriving, we take care of everything so the house looks its very best at check-in. We send a team of housekeepers, pool technicians and gardeners to clean and tidy well in advance.  Shortly before your guests arrive, we send another team to add the finishing touches.  This incudes special toiletries, welcome materials and a little hotel-like sparkle that Remixto homes are known for. 

If you’d rather prepare the house yourself, we can help you out by giving you a checklist and offering a pointers about what preparations are necessary. In such cases, we ask that (provided there is time between guests) the home is cleaned and ready between 24 and 36 hours in advance of check-in.

We do this so that we have sufficient time to bring our team to add those finishing touches and ensure that everything is in order. It also allow plenty of time to get any issues addressed before the guest arrives. Obviously, when there is less than 24 hours available between guests this is not possible. In such situations, we request that the work commense at 11am and is complete by 3pm that day.

Like with readying the house for check-in, we are pretty flexible.  While we always take care of the laundry, we are pretty flexible about who cleans up.  We can take care of it, or leave it to your staff if you prefer.

We advise that all sentimental and precious items are removed from the house before guests arrive. We are happy to store them away for you, either off-site or perhaps in a lockable storage area within your home.


You can see your availability calendar on simply by searching for your home and clicking on the availability tab to see a list of available and unavailable dates.  For full access to your reservation calendar, click the Owner login link at the top of and log in to see a full list of upcoming reservations and owner blocks.