Repairs and Maintenance


We coordinate, oversee and check all work and ensure it is done correctly in concert with a compentant contractor.

When we determine a repair is required, we work with a contractor to determine and detail the required action and costs on your regular Home Health Update reports and ask you how you’d like to proceed. If the repair is complex, we’ll also prepare a detailed estimate.

When the cost is small, act quickly and the repair may be completed on the spot.  For larger issues that affects your guests or when it is an emergency, we may act before obtaining your approval. However, this is not typical.

We have assembled a trusted and competent team of preferred suppliers and contractors to perform work in your home. All work performed by each supplier is supervised by a property manager dedicated to servicing your home.  Together they get the job done.
Each supplier signs a service agreement with Remixto that details the type of service they are to provide, defines their conduct when in your home and their response times in cases of emergency.  For each repair, the supplier agrees to deliver an estimate prior to all work and notify in advance of any overruns to to unexpected issues that may pop up along the way. So as to ensure the estimates provided by our crack team are in line with the norms where you home is located, we periodically audit to estimates we receive to ensure you are getting a competitive price.
While we agree that there is always someone better out there, we strive to maintain a team that is competent, responsive and reasonably priced.

We believe that our ability to deliver good work on time is more important than getting it perfect the first time around. This is especially true in old historic homes where you never know exactly what you are going to uncover as the work proceeds. 

For this reason, Remixto works with suppliers that provide a warranty on their workmanship.  Whatever happens, we will work in concert with the supplier to put it right.  Read the complete policy here.

For repairs up to 750 MXN, you'll pay the cost of repair as charged by the supplier and nothing more.  For most homeowners, these "minor repairs" are the bulk of the work required. For repairs over 750 MXN, we assess a markup of 20% on top of the amount charged by the supplier.

If we are coordinating repairs with your prefered suppliers, we may assess additional charges for hours we spend liaising with your team as this can be require more time and effort to affect the repair.  When we use our preferred suppliers, you'll pay nothing more than is stated above.

From experience, we know that the initial first months of managing a home are often more expensive. We are meticulous and thorough, which is why when we first begin to manage the property, we often discover certain issues that should be resolved in order for your investment to be in tip-top shape and offer the highest rate of return.

If we fix problems before guests arrive, you save money, guests are happier, and your home is more likely to be booked again in the future.

Yes. We will use any contractors you may choose. It is actually our preference as your contractors probably know your home best.  During a emergency situation during a guest stay, we will use our people if your preferred contractor is unresponsive or unavailable.