Who gets my house ready for a guest?

It can be us, or you if you prefer.

As we know in advance when guests are arriving, we take care of everything so the house looks its very best at check-in. We send a team of housekeepers, pool technicians and gardeners to clean and tidy well in advance.  Shortly before your guests arrive, we send another team to add the finishing touches.  This incudes special toiletries, welcome materials and a little hotel-like sparkle that Remixto homes are known for. 

If you’d rather prepare the house yourself, we can help you out by giving you a checklist and offering a pointers about what preparations are necessary. In such cases, we ask that (provided there is time between guests) the home is cleaned and ready between 24 and 36 hours in advance of check-in.

We do this so that we have sufficient time to bring our team to add those finishing touches and ensure that everything is in order. It also allow plenty of time to get any issues addressed before the guest arrives. Obviously, when there is less than 24 hours available between guests this is not possible. In such situations, we request that the work commense at 11am and is complete by 3pm that day.


Who gets my house ready for a guest?