Yucatan Countryside


    The Yucatán’s other grand Mayan site, Uxmal, offers a serene, wondrous escape into Mayan history. Spend the day walking among the rose-toned ruins, then cap off the night with a gorgeous Yucatecan sunset and light show.

  • Explore Cuzama cenote wonders

    Take a horse-drawn buggy along historic rail lines to some of the most amazing cenotes in Yucatán.  Our expert guides show you the area’s acclaimed underground caves.

  • Spend a day in yellow in Izamal

    One of Mexico's "Magic Pueblas", Izamal is a city where everything is yellow.  If you are going to spend a day admiring the world in a single color, a historic Spanish colonial era town in yellow is just about perfect.

  • Get a Massage on the Beach in Sisal

    Spend the day on the isolated beaches of Sisal with a cooler of beer and a good book. While you’re there, make sure to get a massage on the beach.

  • See and be seen in Playa del Carmen

    Want to show off your abs? Or just do some people watching? Head to Playa del Carmen and stroll along 5th Avenue, shirtless, of course.

  • Tour a Monastery in Valladolid

    Explore the depths of Valladolid’s monastery and be awed by the pink courtyards and vestibules inside this magical space.