Stanley Kahng
Founder and Director of Sales & Marketing
With a BA in Communication and a Masters of Architecture, Stan's love of beautiful old buildings is one of the reasons he landed in Mérida after living in Colorado. As a designer, Stan has worked to renovate some of the area’s historical homes to their original colonial charm, using his own artistic eye to increase their beauty and open them up to light and air. Stan excels at making good ideas happen, and transforming houses into the well loved homes they were meant to be. And he works to make sure every guest enjoys them as much as he does.
Brent Marsh
Founder and General Manager
A true world traveler, Brent was born New Zealand, and has lived in Australia, England, the United States, and now México. “The world is home,” he says. A computer programmer and chef by trade, Brent knows that success lies in the details—a guiding principle that allows him to offer guests and owners meticulous, hands-on service in every area. Timing, precision and a good deal of IT expertise give Brent the upper hand in keeping Remixto focused both in the present and on the road ahead in the fast-changing vacation rental landscape.
Mauricio Salazar
Merida Operations Manager
Mauricio’s foray into hospitality began in Merida where he studied tourism and landed a job at the Hyatt Regency hotel. Twelve years later and having managed and operated two successful launches of Hyatt Place hotel franchises in Baja California and Guanajuato, Mauricio returns to Merida to apply his hospitality background to the vacation rental experience. He believes every opportunity to serve is an opportunity to positively transform someone’s life - a mantra he carries with him at work and at home with his wife and three daughters.
Cinthya Cardenas
Manager of Territory Excellence
Cynthia has worked in hospitality for a number of years, and made her start interviewing people on vacation about their experiences. She knows what people want when they’re on vacation, and she works to ensure that they get it. Originally from Guadalajara, Cynthia has a degree in archaeology and a passion for the rich history of Mérida.