Warranty of Supplier Work

Remixto is constantly at work to improve the experience of homes for guests and homeowners alike.  Whether it is cleaning the pool, fixing a leak or polishing the floors, we work with competent suppliers to ensure each job is completed with professionalism and care.

On occasion after the work is complete, the supplier or contractor need to return to adjust something that isn't quite right.  It happens, and for this reason we work with professionals who warranty their work and are happy to put things right when they go wrong.  Here is how this warranty works.


1. Definitions

For the purposes of this Warranty, we will use the following terms as defined below:

“Member” means a person or homeowner who contracts with Remixto to make accommodation available for rent by Guest.

“Remixto” means the group of companies trading as Remixto under and including Grupo Remixto S de RL de CV and Reimagined Property Services, LLC.

“Supplier” means a person or company selected and subcontracted by Remixto on behalf of Member to perform labor, and/or furnish materials for use by a Member or Member’s Property

“Guest” means a person who stays at a Member’s Property.

“Estimate” means a written proposal or description of work to be performed by Supplier, as well as authorized modifications thereto. An Estimate may be created for a specific task such as a work order or for a contracted service that occurs on a schedule and may be detailed in the Property and Rental Services Agreement. An Estimate typically include associated costs, but may not in cases where the costs are small, or where costs are unknown at the time of creation.

“Advertised Condition” means the Advertised Condition, Advertised Content or Advertised Services in the home, agreed between Member and Remixto as detailed on the Property Management and Rental Agreement that exists between them.

“Tenancy” the period of time the Member’s Property is being used for a booking by a Guest arranged by Remixto and including any period when the property is being prepared by Remixto either before or after such tenancy.


2. Warranty of Workmanship

Each Supplier warrants that all materials furnished and labor performed are in accordance with the Estimate provided, and will be free from defects due to defective materials or workmanship for a period of three months from Date of Final Invoice.  In the case of materials, this warranty is superseded by that of the manufacturer or retailer, based on which is shorter.

The Supplier warrants that the materials chosen to complete the work be in line with providing a durable long-term solution and to select materials similar in cost, brand and function to that in the home. Where the replacement part or materials is one of many matching items in the home, Supplier warrants to source replacements that match those that exist, when they can be obtained from stores local to the address of the home and where the lead time to obtain such items is consistent with the time available to complete the work.

Supplier warrants to provide Member an itemized list for verification of Estimate upon request during the Warranty period. Member is obliged to pay only for material costs where the brand, type and quantity of each material consumed can be itemized.  If during the warranty period, Member finds materials of the same make and model at a cost more than 15% lower, excluding when the materials are discounted or on sale, Supplier will refund the difference in cost between the two materials.

Should any defect develop during the warranty period due to improper materials, workmanship or arrangement, the defect, including adjacent work displaced, shall be made good by the Supplier at no expense to the Member.


3. Warranty of Oversight

Remixto will endeavor to subcontract to Suppliers who provide a Warranty of Workmanship. Exceptions to this will be stated in the Estimate or be warrantied by Remixto according to the Warranty of Workmanship stated above.

Remixto warrants that Owner shall be provided with an Estimate for all work and that the Member may elect not to pay for costs associated with Estimates completed without consent, except in cases where work is needed to restore the Advertised Condition during Tenancy.

Remixto agrees to supervise the correction of defective work of Supplier without additional oversight charges. In addition, where Member is not satisfied with the quality of oversight of Workmanship provided by Remixto, Member will be refunded for charges assessed for such oversight.


4. Correction of Defective Work

Written notice of defective work shall be provided to Remixto by Member. After receiving written notice, should the Supplier fail to correct defective work within the response times defined in their service level agreement, the Member may, at their option, correct defects and charge Supplier costs for such correction, as evidenced by facturas (electronic receipts). Remixto agrees to assist the Member in the collection of costs and credit the Member’s Property Account with any funds obtained from Supplier.


5. Exceptions

Nothing in the above shall be deemed to apply to:

-Work which in the opinion of the Supplier has been abused or neglected by the Member or Guest, or where directive provided by Member contravenes the written advice provided by Remixto or Supplier, or is in violation of the Building Codes in use within México City, México.

-Equipment or items owned by Member that are utilized by a Supplier in the execution of authorized work, except in cases of gross negligence or willful action or inaction on the part of Remixto or Supplier.