Where to stay in Merida? A hotel or a vacation rental?

Looking for the perfect place stay in CDMX, Merida, or the beach? Make a vacation rental your home away from home.

Looking for the perfect place stay in CDMX, Merida, or the beach? Make a vacation rental your home away from home.


At Remixto, we provide travelers with affordable one-of-a-kind vacation rentals and travel services. Every one of our homes is unique, offering visitors opportunities to live like a local and immerse themselves in Mexico’s diverse culture. In addition, our vacation rental homes offer guests:


Whether it’s a studio apartment or luxury five-bedroom home, our vacation rentals offer guests their own private space. While hotels can be loud at all hours of the day and night, you can be in control of your surroundings in the privacy of your own rental. You can spread out, take over the whole space, and live like you’re at home, except better.

Exclusive amenities

Hotels have their own branded amenities, but our vacation rentals allow you to customize your own, from a private pool to your own private chef. You can get housekeeping when you need it, instead of having to rush out of your hotel room during that tiny housekeeping window. And you can go for a swim anytime you please.

Comfortable, clean and well cared for

Budget or luxury, when you stay in a Remixto home, you know you're getting a great vacation home. We care deeply about the homes we offer and are constantly working to make them immaculately clean, curated and comfortable, just like a hotel.

Great value

Vacation rentals come with a full kitchen—which means you’ll be able to save money (and eat healthy!) by buying locally grown food and cooking your own meals instead of spending money at restaurants every day.

Lighter, easier travel

You don’t have to bring your whole wardrobe. Pack light, bring what you need, and use the washer and dryer at most rentals to make traveling easier.

Easy and affordable family travel

Vacation rentals make traveling with kids, in-laws, grandparents, and even the family pet easier. Instead of seeking hotel rooms with adjoining doors, vacation rental homes let families take over the whole house, and find personal space when they need it, too. Plus, by splitting costs, it’s a great value for families traveling together.