San Bruno

Remixto Picks

San Bruno

  • Visit the pink lagoons of Los Coloradas

    Visit an other-worldly landscape of coastal lagoons, stained vibrant pink from the mineral deposits created by the flamingos that flock to the region in Spring.

  • Swim in the mangroves of San Crisanto

    Explore fishes, birds, lizards and turtles by rowboat in the protected mangroves of San Crisanto.  Traverse the narrow canals that open to a natural swimming hole to dive into.

  • Go bird watching with other enthusiasts

    Head out to Rio Lagartos and get ready for a bird watching adventure you won’t soon forget--boatside, of course.


    The Yucatán’s other grand Mayan site, Uxmal, offers a serene, wondrous escape into Mayan history. Spend the day walking among the rose-toned ruins, then cap off the night with a gorgeous Yucatecan sunset and light show.